WWF urges leather industry to drive change at ILM automotive forum


Posted: 22 November 2021

Credit: Patrik Carlberg

On December 16, Mauricio Bauer of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will speak to members of the automotive leather industry about the importance of standing up to spread the message of sustainability to the rest of the supply chain.

During his presentation, Bauer will explore the responsibility of the automotive leather segment to affect critical issues such as deforestation. As a segment of the industry, automakers are one of the biggest consumers of bovine hides in the world and WWF believes this puts the industry in a privileged position to promote change and be part of the solution. to transform the leather value chain, requiring improved sustainability practices, monitoring and surveillance aimed at decoupling deforestation from beef and leather production.

About Mauricio Bauer

Mauricio Bauer is Senior Director of Beef and Leather Supply Chains for WWF US, with over 20 years of business experience in agricultural commodities in the United States, Australia and Brazil.

He provides strategic coordination and advice to coalition partners including market players, NGOs, academics and government officials in the development and execution of WWF’s global beef and leather strategies to eliminate loss and degradation of tropical and subtropical forest ecosystems in Latin America resulting from beef and leather production.

Other presentations

Bauer will be joined by presenters from other key automotive players and leather industry experts to speak on a variety of hot topics affecting the automotive leather industry today. The virtual event will run over 2.5 hours and include a virtual coffee break and feature a total of six presentations + live Q&A and panel discussions.

Topics will include:

  • Key automotive growth projections, opportunities, threats and trends affecting automotive leather stakeholders
  • The use of blockchain in the leather supply chain and the benefits for OEMs
  • The use of innovative new chemicals for low impact leather and chemicals from renewable carbon sources in modern automotive leather
  • Addressing deforestation and animal welfare in the automotive leather supply chain
  • How to make automotive leather more sustainable with a lower environmental footprint and end-of-life impact
  • How automotive leather performs compared to other competitive materials.

After the presentations, speakers will be invited to participate in a question-and-answer and discussion session with ILM’s Content Director, Martin Ricker, around the following question: what can be done to persuade automotive brands that the Is leather really the sustainable material of the future for the next generation of interiors? Questions from participants will also be addressed.

Buy your ticket now

Hosted and moderated by ILM, the event caters to the entire automotive leather supply chain, including tanners, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, raw materials, chemicals and suppliers. equipment. Thanks to its digital format, the event will have a global reach, connecting key players in the industry and providing invaluable insights and insights into the market.

All presentations will be in English only.

When is it and how can I attend?

Dated: December 16, 2021

Time: 2:30 p.m. CET (1:30 p.m. GMT)

Delegate price: € 80, plus applicable taxes and fees *

Reservations and delegate payments can be made by clicking here.

* UK and EU delegates may be subject to VAT.

For reservations for multiple delegates, please contact: [email protected]

The ILM Automotive Leather Supply Chain Digital Forum is co-sponsored by TFL, Zschimmer & Schwarz and Stahl. Keep an eye on events section from the ILM website for further presentations and updates.

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