“We create great ideas!” Big Dog Mike Sneesby on Biting Nine Results

Nine’s Big Dog Mike Sneesby kindly agreed to chew the grease with B&T on how Nine achieved such healthy exercise results.

Nine signaling a 15% increase in revenue is precisely the outcome that would please any CEO. Nine employees will also be thrilled because Nine generously shared the love and gave staff recognition bonuses.

Nine’s results could mark the end of a turbulent period. In recent years, companies have tried to rebuild relationships with consumers after the pandemic has been the ultimate disruptor. Nine’s results indicate light at the end of the tunnel, and it shines quite brightly.

For Sneesby, the results are testament to the fact that Nine had a plan: “What we did at Nine was be clear on a strategy to grow the audience,” he explained.

So what was the strategy? Well, focusing on quality content that connects and expands audiences. Ultimately, the more consumers engage, the more money and power Nine has.

This sounds simplistic in theory, but it’s not very easy to achieve. But Nine did, and his reach notably improved on 9now, Stan, and Stan Sport.

Sneesby attributes part of the success to Nine’s ability to mine ideas: “We can create great ideas on all of our platforms!”

Ultimately, these kinds of results also make Sneesby’s job easier. An increase in viewership is music to advertisers’ ears.

Sneesby has a very pragmatic response: “When we talk to advertisers in light of these results, it’s all about the strength and quality of our content!” Although he also adds that he is quite keen to talk about “the size of our audience!”

Sneesby is also very clear that these results are due to the hard work of his team. He said B&T“At Nine, we focus on our people because they are the ones who deliver the results.”

So how does Sneesby plan to keep Nine employees, those who are integral to achieving these big results? Well, Sneesby thinks we’ve already hit the peak of the talent crunch, but he also understands recognition bonuses aren’t enough to keep people in play.

He said, “You have to give people a holistic experience, a good job, a good opportunity, good money, and make people feel like they have a common goal.”

So, is there anything keeping Sneesby awake at night? “I sleep very well. When I have a team around me like I have, I sleep very well. I can face big things and get decent sleep. My work should focus on people, strategy and major transactions.

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