The rescue dog needs a special person to welcome or adopt him

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – In our Leigh’s Lost and Found today, we’re looking for the perfect fit for a rescue dog stuck in a boarding house.

Rescue 4, K9’s sweetheart, initially adopted Fred as a puppy but has since returned and the more time he spends in boarding the more stressed he gets.

Edith Schubert’s volunteer job at 4 the Love of K9’s is to promote dogs like Fred.

“He’s going to need someone who is consistent with them. Someone who can set limits with him and figure out how to overcome it. “

Through various experiences, they found out that Fred was freaked out by certain things on top of him.

Edith says, “We found out he didn’t like drones, which was pure fluke. He doesn’t like balloons either, so something happened in his past.

Edith says he also suffers from the stress of being on board.

“He doesn’t have the day-to-day interactions that he would have in a foster home. He just doesn’t attract attention and doesn’t have the chance to really show his true colors.

A cute tik tok video featuring Fred happily riding in an open top Jeep shows these true colors. He is a happy puppy who loves to ride a shotgun.

“He loves, loves car rides, so maybe a trucker on the road would be a great companion for Fred. It would be a fabulous unique dog.

And while a forever home is Fred’s goal, even finding a foster family would do wonders for him.

“A foster home will absolutely allow us to see where his true colors are, where he can shine and help us find the perfect fit for him.”

If you’re interested in meeting Fred or learning more about his adoption or placement, contact 4 the Love of K9’s at the link below.

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