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Rituals brings a festive touch with the launch of The Ritual of Advent collection. Above, the 3D advent calendar.

Wellness home Rituals has unveiled The Ritual of Advent Calendars collection for the holiday season.

The collection includes the 2D Advent Calendar and the 3D Advent Calendar. The former is now available at all Rituals outlets globally, while the 3D Advent Calendar is available at Ritual-owned travel stores.

The calendars have been designed to look like festive Christmas trees. Each agency offers beauty, haircare, skincare and wellness freebies, totaling 24 freebies each.

The 2D Advent Calendar contains four candles for each Advent Sunday

In line with its sustainability commitments, the 2D Advent Calendar was made with recycled PET plastic. With an RRP of €69.50 ($69), the 2D Advent Calendar contains products worth almost double the price at €130 ($129). This includes four candles for each Advent Sunday.

The 3D Advent Calendar comes with fairy lights for that extra holiday feeling. Priced at €99.50 (US$99), the calendar contains wellness gifts worth €160 (US$159). This includes a wide range of personal care items exclusive to the 3D edition.

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