The agony of Irish owner as beloved dog killed and thrown into canal

The heartbroken family of a dog savagely mutilated and thrown into a canal offer a reward for obtaining information to help them find their killer.

Beloved pet Keisha was found stuffed in a gym bag with a phone cable wrapped around her neck a few hundred yards from her home.

The playful three-year-old had escaped through a window on the ground floor of Clondalkin’s house in west Dublin, two weeks before the grim discovery.

Now her devastated owner has set up an online fund in a desperate attempt to find those responsible for the murder of her “beautiful daughter”.

Kevin told the Sunday Mirror: “Keisha disappeared on September 7th, she came out the living room window, a little escape artist.

“I searched tirelessly for her, shared her on social media, posted posters, scoured the channel looking for her, did whatever I could.

“On Thursday I was coming home and a child asked me if I had found my dog. He said he saw a dog in the water in the canal.

“I walked straight ahead, I found her. In a rotting gear bag in the channel with a charger strapped to the handles and wrapped around his neck.

Keisha was found in a Dublin canal

Kevin has so far raised € 2,600 for justice and he reported Keisha’s death and a disturbing TikTok video to the Garda yesterday.

He said: “Whoever did this had to be somebody from around here. She obviously never left the region. I went through hell.

“After I found her, I had to go home to get a Stanley blade and a towel to cut the thread off her neck.

“I had to take it out of the bag, it was swollen up to three times its size from being in the water.

“I put it in a carrying bag and took it home and put it outside in the garden. I arrange with a crematorium.

Kevin, 32, had Keisha from a puppy and said he couldn’t understand why a human would want to hurt their gentle, loving and loyal companion.

Pet Keisha was found in a Dublin canal.

He said, “It is pure evil that has been done to my little girl.” She was gorgeous, so playful, friendly and harmless, all the kids in the area loved her.

“The one who did this is someone who lives near where I live, it makes me sick to think that.

“I will never forget my little girl and I will not rest until we have justice for her.”

Meanwhile, Animal Welfare Party calls for immediate investigation of Garda, using CCTV
images, about the torture and murder of Keisha.

PAWS spokesperson Gearoid O’Dowd said: “This is the second case of gratuitous dog cruelty in the area.

“A woman recently witnessed a dog beaten to death by a gang with a shovel. She waited 20 minutes for the guard, by which time the gang was long gone.

“The perpetrators consider themselves untouchable and use intimidation to silence all witnesses, but there is CCTV everywhere and Gardai must act
at once.”

To support the campaign for Keisha, visit Justice for Keisha on GoFundMe. com.

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