Should tracking deer with a dog be legal? | Columns

I was listening to a local podcast with a guest European hunter when the conversation turned to using dogs to help track and retrieve injured big game. The European hunter was shocked when the podcast host told him that tracking big game with dogs was not allowed in his state and several others, while some states allow dogs on a leash to track injured game . His question was why isn’t it allowed everywhere? The show host couldn’t come up with a good answer, me either?

The more I thought about it and why gambling laws were created is historically obvious. There was a time when hunting put meat on the table and agriculture completed the meal. Early settlers took advantage of plentiful weather to harvest game and store it by salting and hanging it for later use or digging fruit cellars into the ground to keep produce fresh longer. Wild game was their only fresh meat, a precious commodity, just like fish. Anything harvested in the winter was frozen and the early settlers survived.

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