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Officer Antoine McCall of the Dunkirk Police Department stands with his girlfriend, Officer April Echevarria of the Fredonia Police Department, and Trinity, the rescue dog he adopted. Submitted photo

Trinity the Dog’s Forever Home is with the cop who helped save her.

The young female canine escaped from a seemingly vacant house in Dunkirk on September 2 in dire condition – full of insect bites, sick, dehydrated and malnourished. Denise Zentz, an animal control officer from Dunkirk, showed up and rushed the dog, whom she nicknamed Trinity, to the Forestville veterinary hospital.

Dunkirk police officer Antoine McCall supported her during the call. Zentz said he “Responded to the scene with me when Trinity was located and followed his journey until he finally adopted her” Zentz said.

McCall was adopted Tuesday from the Chautauqua County Humane Society, where Trinity was taken after about a day of intensive dog care at the animal hospital. She was then placed in a reception program by the humanitarian society while she continued to recover.

McCall adopts the dog with his girlfriend, Constable April Echevarria of the Fredonia Police Department.

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