Pac-12 college Football Odds Picks: The Gamble-Tron, week four

Hello and welcome to week four! We’re a quarter into the season, which means we should have a good idea of ​​who’s good and who’s not. As such, it only makes sense that teams like the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Duke Blue Devilsthe Orangemen of Syracuse and Kansas Jayhawks have a combined record of

/check the notes

/ rubs his eyes

/check the notes twice more


Are we sure it’s not the records heading to the Jimmy V Classic? Hell, even Indiana, also a basketball runner, is undefeated! And this team stinks!

At the other end of the spectrum, teams like Boise State, our Lady, Texas A&M and Auburn aren’t as good as we know them, or are downright bad.

It all adds up to a tumultuous season, which doesn’t make it any easier when trying to predict VS games. So which of the aforementioned teams are actually pretty good? Well, believe it or not, Kansas might be the best of the bunch. The Jayhawks went to Morgantown and Houston in consecutive weeks and won by double digits. Syracuse is definitely improved, but probably doesn’t beat the Purdue Boilermakers without a complete implosion from the road team last weekend. And Duke is Duke. It’s better, but we’re going to withhold most of our praise. Oh, and Rutgers is bad.

But still, 3-0 is 3-0 (thanks, Captain Obvious), and we Cougs know how great it is to be sitting there at this point in the season. As for the Gamble-Tron, we don’t look too bad either. Maybe we’ll just take our 0.63 winning percentage and say that’s good. lol no

Last week: 12-5

Total for the season: 36-21

Best call of the weekend

washington huskies (-3)

Let’s see here, the 11th-ranked team from the Big Ten takes on a previously 4-8 Huskies team from the faltering Pac-12, and…the Huskies are favored? By a full basket? It’s the classic “someone knows something” game, and I’m on that someone’s side. More, state of michigan lost two key defensive players for the season in its first game. Yeah.

Sparty is the top clubhouse leader for Fraud of the Year, and had no reason to be ranked so high. Hell, Michigan State shouldn’t be ranked among all. AND YET THE SURVEY OF COACHES AT MSU 21ST AND WASHINGTON 24TH! lololol. But seriously, Washington is really good.

Also jumped on a last minute dog that should have won but whose trainer suffered from #coachbrain on the stretch, settling for a long field goal when there was enough time to run a another game.

Worst call of the weekend

Arizona State (-20)

There was a year or two there where Eastern Michigan was actually… decent? That seems long gone. There was also a time when some people thought Herm Edwards was clearly an upgrade from Todd Graham. As we learned in college blues, things change. So what things have changed the most? Well, despite the talent drain, we’d say ASU has at least three better touchdowns than EMU.

Yeah, I swung and missed there!

What didn’t I miss? Oh, dear reader, I didn’t hesitate when ASU won its first two games in 2018, while dozens of national writers started posting mea culpas after hiring Herm Edwards. Here’s what I wrote after ASU knocked out Michigan State #15 (Hmm Team Pac-12 defeats an overrated Michigan State team and is proclaimed to be back? Ever seen that before or since!)

The weirdest story of the week isn’t that ASU took Michigan State down. It’s that there are so many “experts” already writing the “Looks like I was wrong about Herm Edwards!” column. IT’S BEEN TWO WEEKS GODDAMN SHEEPLE HAVE YOU ALREADY STOPPED AND THINK MAYBE TODD GRAHAM LEFT SOME TALENT BEHIND AND ALSO MAYBE THE STATE OF MICHIGAN IS NOT SO GOOD, OF COURSE. It’s ASU dead cat rebound season.

ASU burst into the poll that week and quickly lost to San Diego State – we were on the +5 Aztecs – never to see the standings again that season. Herm Edwards was a terrible recruit then, and it looks even more dire now.

Punch of the weekend

Didn’t take bad beats, for a change (all losses were outright kicks). But damn it, I loved USC all week, but I was too loose to pull the trigger. If that wasn’t enough, I threw more money after the plus, which I never do when a total is close to 70. Dumb dee dumb dumb dummmmmb.

All odds courtesy of our amazing sponsors at DraftKings.

Pac-12 Games

The first full Pac-12 game slate of 2022, and we’re looking at FOUR home dogs, all six or more points! As Lee Corso would say, “Yo”.

Oregon ducks at Washington State Cougars (+6)

Man, if it was a full touchdown, I’d be tempted to take WSU. Shit, I’m tempted to take the Cougs to win outright! Especially since Bo Nix is ​​about as consistent as a meth-addicted squirrel. But Oregon looked really good against a solid BYU team, and I think his resounding loss to Georgia Bulldogs was more about UGa’s awesomeness than Oregon’s weakness.

The choice : Oregon

UCLA Bruins at Colorado buffaloes (+21)

UCLA should have lost to something called South Alabama last week, but the Jaguars coach decided he was smarter than everyone else and attempted an absurd fake goal that contributed mightily to a lost chance. That said, the Bruins got away with the win, and Colorado is in the all-too-familiar position of having perhaps the worst Power Five team in the nation. 2016 was really weird.

The choice : UCLA

USC Trojans at Oregon State Beavers (+5.5)

The grip on Oregon State is staggering. Yes, you read that right. There’s no way we’re jumping on board with Johnny SquarePlay here.

The choice : Fight! For old SC! Our men keep fighting, then leave after 23! / Less than 70.5

utah utes at the Arizona Sun Devils (+14.5)

I would actually be more confident picking Utah if Herm Edwards was the ASU coach, but alas, he’s an interim guy. But unless that interim guy is Vince Lombardi or Don Shula, I’m confident the Utes will dominate this one.

The choice : Utah

Cardinal of Stanford in the Washington Huskies (-12.5)

I was never a fan of Bert Griffin and the bs he drew as a player, but he is a very good analyst. Or maybe it’s because he’s paired with Mark Jones and therefore will always sound like a genius by comparison. However, he mentioned “Big Penix Energy” last weekend, and I thought that was a solid line. Expect more big Penixes this weekend, as Washington apparently never has to play a game on the road.

The choice : #GoDawgs (which comes with a Georgia logo that pisses Washington fans off, which is hilarious)

Arizona Wildcats at California Golden Bear (-3.5)

Crazy series very underrated lately. As bad as Arizona has been in recent seasons, they have a six-game winning streak against Cal. Each of those six games was decided by seven points or less. Arizona is coming off a big win (if such a thing can exist when you beat an FCS team), while Cal has to be kicking himself not to come out of South Bend with a win. We Cougs know how it feels. Anyway, I’ll take those points.

The choice : Fightin’ from Lauras

Too much for the road

I won’t be doing a play on Friday. I won’t be doing a play on Friday. I won’t be doing Friday… so anyway, the Virginia Cavaliers are mysteriously poor on offense this season, despite the presence of quarterback Brennan Armstrong. Now the Cavs are heading to what was once called the Carrier Dome. We think the poor attacking performance continues.

The choice : Virginia team total under 21.5

I don’t know what’s going on on a site that isn’t DraftKings, but they posted this line on Sunday and let’s just say I may or may not have taken out a second mortgage. Congratulations to Florida Alligators on the road win.

Speaking of this game, Emory Jones is notched and has yet to throw a touchdown pass this season. It’s true, the guy doing the Cam Newton/Vince Young comparisons two weeks ago doesn’t really shed some light. Florida will try to keep their foot on the brake, while Tennessee will try to play plaid. (look, kids)

The choice : Less than 31.5 in the first half

Maryland Terrapins at Michigan Wolverines (-16.5)

Michigan is really good. The problem is that no one really knows because it’s three corpses. And what about Maryland? Well, leatherbacks are really good at beating bad or decent teams. They are really bad at competing against the best teams in the conference. I probably don’t need to tell you where Michigan stratifies.

The choice : corn n blue

Clemson Tigers at Demon Deacons of Wake Forest (+7)

The last time Wake beat Clemson, Tommy Bowden was a coach. Dabo Swinney has never lost to the Deacs, and only one of his 13 straight wins has come by a score. Yeah, Clemson’s offense is smelly. And yes, Wake got Sam Hartman back. But Clemson’s defensive linemen aren’t there for your long chain, Dave Clawson.

The choice : IPTAY

Baylor Bear at Iowa State Cyclones (Total = 45.5)

Tight games equals tight coaches. Tight coaches equal conservative play calls.

The choice : Below

Missouri Tigers at auburn tigers (Total = 51.5)

TJ Finley is injured and nothing special anyway. Missouri cannot score. Even a silly history student like me can do this math.

The choice : Below

Good game. Let’s be careful there.

Dimensions/lines subject to change. The T&Cs apply. See for more details.

Choice of personnel


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