Kendall Cotton: A bucket list for new Montanais | Chroniclers

2. Follow the Montana diet

Whole Foods kale chips and avocado toast aren’t an option for many Montanais. For families like mine who grew up in rural areas, most of our food came from our seasonal garden and the public land elk my dad had harvested the previous season.

Hunting is not just a sport, it is how many Montanais put food on the dinner table. It’s also how we manage our big game populations, ensuring that wildlife continues to thrive.

By growing and hunting what we eat, we learn at a young age the delicate balance of a sustainable lifestyle, the principles of fair hunting and the responsible use of firearms. We also look poorly at poachers, intruders and those who do not pick up their used cartridges as they risk ruining them for everyone.

3. Hiking in the backcountry

Glamping at Glacier Park doesn’t evoke the feeling of awe and perspective you get from spending extended time in Montana’s vast wilderness backcountry. There are no outhouses, roads, or cell service. You might not even see other people. But you will have the opportunity to see some of the most amazing landscapes in the world. Most importantly, you will also experience true self-reliance and why Montana kids are learning the ethic of ‘leave it better than you found it’. Being in the backcountry inspires respect for our wild places and will help you understand why we don’t leave trash behind or campfires keep burning.

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