Iowa State football comeback against Texas fails

Iowa State football kicked off Saturday against Texas, hoping to end a three-game losing streak that puts the Cyclones bottom of the Big 12.

But, instead, it was Texas that stopped a streak. After losing the last three games against Iowa State, it was the Longhorns who won 24-21. For the third straight week, Iowa State lost by three runs or less.

The Cyclones are yet to win a conference game this season and are one of only two programs in the conference seeking that first victory against a Big 12 opponent.

Here’s what happened in the Cyclones’ loss to Texas.

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FINAL: Texas 24, Iowa State 21

A late fumble from Hunter Dekkers sealed the victory for the Longhorns. Iowa State falls to 3-4 this season after losing four straight games.

4:43/Q4 — Texas regains the lead

Xavier Worthy gives the Longhorns the go-ahead after the Iowa State defense couldn’t stop Texas at fourth and on base.

10:58 / Q4 – Hunter Dekkers scores to give Iowa State the lead

The Cyclones quarterback scored his second rushing touchdown of the season – the fourth of his career – to give Iowa State the lead, 21-17. Did you have two touchdowns from Jaylin Noel and a rushing touchdown from Dekkers on your bingo card this Saturday?

End of third quarter – Texas 17, Iowa State 14

The Cyclones will start the fourth quarter with the ball in the hands of Hunter Dekkers after the defense held off Texas. It’s the first down for Iowa State at the 47-yard line.

4:27/Q3 – Jaylin Noel, second round

The Iowa State wide receiver scored his first career touchdown to start the game, and he just picked up the Cyclones in the second of the afternoon on a catch and rush for 54 yards. Iowa State is closing in on Texas’ 17-14 lead.

7:07/Q3 – Missed field goal puts the ball back in Texas hands

Jace Gilbert attempts a 46-yard field goal, and he goes wide on the left. Iowa State’s practice fails again, and it will be the defense’s job to stop a heating up Texas offense.

10:07/Q3 — The Longhorns extend their lead

Texas couldn’t score a touchdown, but the Longhorns added three runs to their lead on a field goal from Bert Auburn, who missed an attempt earlier in the game.

HALF-TIME – Texas 14, Iowa State 7

The Longhorns took a lot of time off in that final practice and only left Iowa State without a chance to tie the score. Oh, and Texas will start the second half with the ball.

0:13/Q2 – Texas back on top

The Longhorns regain the lead on a touchdown pass from Quinn Ewers to Jordan Whittington. The Iowa State defense did little to impede Texas on this drive.

5:42/Q2 — Return to a draw

Texas has its own Xavier in the receiving room, and Quinn Ewers finds Xavier worthy for a Longhorns touchdown. The extra point is good and this game is tied at seven pieces.

9:08/Q2 – Dekkers launches costly interception

Iowa State has struggled with turnovers this season and Texas had a big interception in the second quarter. Hunter Dekkers threw a pass intended for DeShawn Hanika but instead it ended up in the hands of Jaylan Ford. Texas gets the touchback and Iowa State leaves the red zone with no points.

End of first quarter — Iowa State 7, Texas 0

The Cyclones have the only points on the scoreboard thanks to a Hunter Dekkers connection in Jaylin Noel. Iowa State’s defense continues to hold its own against Texas, but this game is far from over.

0:57/Q1 – Jaylin Noel gets Iowa State on the board

Hunter Dekkers found Jaylin Noel alone in the end zone for the game’s first points. It was Noel’s first career touchdown pass, and it gives the Cyclones a 7-0 lead.

6:25/Q1 — Defense remains strong

Iowa State’s defense went from strength to strength again and Texas had to punt after the Cyclones pushed the Longhorns into a 4-36 situation. MJ Anderson stepped up with big moments, and a weird back pass from Quinn Ewers led to the punt. Iowa State will take over at the 16-yard line.

11:35 am / Q1 – Texas squanders turnover opportunity

Well, the Cyclones defense stepped up and did their job after the blocked punt gave Texas a sweet spot on the court. Iowa State held the Longhorns to a field goal attempt and Bert Auburn missed the kick from 39 yards.

12:38/Q1 — Well that’s an interesting way to start the game

Iowa State received the first, but after a penalty kick was forced into a quick three-and-out. But then Texas blocked the punt and nearly scored a touchdown, had Anthony Johnson Jr. not pounced on the ball at the 21-yard line.

Pre-game injury update

Thanks to our very own Randy Peterson, who is on hand in Texas, the registry has a little injury update, although nothing is set in stone during the warm-ups.

Colby Reeder, who left the Kansas State game with an injury, is unsuitable against Texas. Running backs Jirehl Brock and Cartevious Norton are both equipped.

Is Iowa State Backtracking?

It’s the first time the Cyclones have gone on a three-game losing streak since Matt Campbell’s debut, and this time it’s very different. When Iowa State was in this situation, the Cyclones had a brand new head coach who made it his mission to reverse the program’s downward trajectory. And, for a while, that’s exactly what happened.

Travis Hines dives deeper into this topic, and what the State of Iowa needs to do to deal with this slippage.

Will McDonald IV is one step closer to a Big 12 record

After two sacks against Kansas State last weekend, Will McDonald IV is close — super close — to the Big 12 career sack record.

Here’s more about it from Travis Hines: “McDonald, already Iowa State’s career leader in sacks, now has 32.5 in his career, leaving him 1.5 to tie the all-time mark Big 12 established by Aaron Hunt of Texas Tech. With its next bag, McDonald’s will pass Von Miller, the former Texas A&M star and future NFL Hall of Famer, for second place on the Big 12 list.

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Healthy Jake Remsburg could be key to ISU attack

Iowa State hosted right tackle Jake Remsburg in the Kansas and Kansas State games, and the redshirted junior finally feels like he’s back in his stride. But probably one of the biggest lessons from his time on the sidelines was how to be a leader, even when not playing.

Here’s what Campbell said about Remsburg’s impact: “We talk all the time about giving more than you take. If Jake has never played another piece in this program, he has already given more of himself than he ever took from the program.

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