Harbor Humane takes care of puppies that fell on the side of the road during the storm

HOLLAND, Michigan — Without the help of a Good Samaritan, a Responding Assistant, and the Harbor Humane, a litter of four-week-old puppies might not have survived Saturday night.

During Saturday’s storm, amid rain and winds, an anonymous caller notified police of a cardboard box left on the side of 120th Avenue near New Holland. The box contained eight puppies.

Harbor Humane says the puppies faced terrible hardship, left on the road in harsh weather conditions. When rescued, the puppies were soaked and suffering from low temperatures. Two were in critical condition.

Now the puppies are getting the care they need, and the workers at Harbor Humane are hoping the puppies will pull through.

Already, six of the puppies are in foster homes. The two in critical condition remain at Harbor Humane receiving care and close monitoring under the watch of the shelter’s behavior manager.

Humane port

Puppies at Harbor Humane

Harbor Humane says the puppies won’t be immediately put up for adoption, as Harbor Humane wants to make sure they get enough care and attention first. They will be sent to foster homes, where they will be loved by foster families until they are well enough to be adopted.

To adopt one of these puppies, Harbor Humane encourages people to keep an eye on their website, where the puppies will eventually be listed and over 100 other wonderful dogs are already up for adoption.

Harbor Humane also included this statement to the person who decided to leave the puppies on 120th Avenue and anyone else facing the same situation, emphasizing that a better option is always available.

It breaks our hearts that things happened like this. If they had contacted Harbour, we would have been more than willing to help, and this dangerous situation could have been avoided. Remember Harbor is always there for the community as a resource – we are just a phone call or message away. We never want to see an abandoned animal and will never turn away a person or pet in a real emergency, even when we are packed.

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Harbor Humane is currently seeking information on who may have abandoned the puppies. Harbor Humane also promises to keep the public informed about the puppies’ story.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so by going to their Facebook page. People can also help support Harbor Humane by adopting or adopting pets.

More puppies in a box

Humane port

Puppies brought to Harbor Humane

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