GTA 6 remains in fashion despite Rockstar’s silence

GTA Online has been so successful that Rockstar doesn't need to rush a sequel.

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A new day, a new Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor. Sometimes they are riddled with 4chan. Sometimes it’s just a few random tweets from mysterious characters aggregated on websites with names so impenetrable that you are sure they must be managed by bots.

If you took to Twitter yesterday afternoon, you would have thought the big one had just fallen. GTA 6 was fashionable with tens of thousands of people tweet about it. Did he finally get a trailer? A release date? Any mention of Rockstar he’s currently working on?

No, instead GTA 6 was in fashion because the rumor mill was overdrive again. The last story with no news came yesterday from Games pot who reported on a video of a leaker named Tom Henderson who claimed that GTA 6 would take place in a modern Vice City, have a map that evolves over time, and release in 2025.

Whether this is all true or not is irrelevant. There is now an entire cottage industry surrounding the cataloging of rumors relating specifically to GTA 6. Like the preemptively released landing pages for major game reviews, the first page of Google results for Rockstar’s yet unannounced game is mostly occupied by explanations for all the stuff we still have don’t know about it.

Just about all we know for sure is that Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular and financially successful games ever and Rockstar is currently working on a new one, like Kotaku reported in 2020 in an update on the studio’s famous crunch culture. High interest coupled with low information is basically a recipe for things to go wrong, and so it’s not entirely surprising that the hunt for GTA 6 info has created such a strange field of distortion around video game news.

Hunger for GTA 6 news turns SEO into a high stakes battle royale.

Screenshot: Google / Kotaku

I joked on Twitter yesterday that the google search results for the game are the unofficial ranking for people who write about games. It is not because they are true markers of value or success. Probably, no one really wants to write no-explanations for the most anticipated upcoming games.

While some of the front page posts are news articles, others have been around for years, getting updates every now and then to keep them up to date or as new non-news comes up. occur. The last time GTA 6 Twitter trending was back in May after the earnings call from parent company Rockstar Take-Two. Nothing was said about GTA 6 during the call, which led to press articles on the lack of GTA 6 new to go back to the top of the search results once again.

But it’s also probably one of the purest metrics for the mythical Average Gamer. These are random people who hardly ever play games and almost never read about them, but had fun playing games GTA Online this time around and is really curious when the “new” comes out. Achieving this chimera, which barely spends any money on games but which all the big companies chase like Moby-fucking-Dick, is as good as any at scoring websites.

And there was just a reclassification. As of this writing, GameSpotthe last GTA 6 poste became the top search result, ahead of the previous winner through Radar games. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone claims the crown.

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