Full list of 44 Tory MPs facing cash offer to overthrow them on Australia trade deal

A pro-EU campaign is investing money in a concerted effort to topple 44 high-level Conservative MPs from the ‘blue wall’, the Mirror reveals.

The European Movement will channel tens of thousands of pounds to target 44 MPs who back the UK-Australia trade deal, which looks set to undermine UK farmers and lower food standards.

The money will fund a series of “aggressive campaign ads” as the Movement aims to “select” conservative MPs, mainly in the South, to pressure the government to change course.

MPs targeted include Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, Commerce Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg, Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross and notorious Tory Jeremy Hunt.

The 44 Conservative seats affected


Daily Mirror)

Activists from the multi-party lobby group will focus on three areas they believe could influence voters: animal welfare, the environment and food standards, such as chlorinated chicken.

An ad targeting North Somerset voters by Tory Liam Fox says: “Skinning live lambs is cruel and should not be allowed near the UK market. Tell your Conservative MP Liam Fox to stand up for animal welfare standards ”next to scary animal pictures.

Another, apparently ripping off the KFC brand, says, “How do you like your chicken? Roast. Fried. Chlorinated.”

The new attack comes as Boris Johnson’s Tories fell behind in the polls after Labor after two weeks of sordid allegations following the row with Owen Paterson.

The ‘Blue Wall’ Tories were also frightened after the shocking outcome of the by-elections in Chesham and Amersham, which saw the Liberal Democrats overthrow a Conservative majority of 16,000 votes in June.

Tories Jacob Rees-Mogg, Dominic Raab, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Douglas Ross and Jeremy Hunt

The European Movement has carried out an exclusive poll which suggests that a majority would support an outright ban on imported foods that do not meet British standards.

Insiders told the Mirror that the group believed that if they managed to convince one in ten Tory voters in their target seats to change votes, dozens of Tory MPs could be “at risk”.

Labor peer Lord Andrew Adonis, who is president of the European Movement and who served as minister during the Blair and Brown New Labor years, said: ‘Voters deserve to know when their Tory MP backs a bad deal that critically undermines traditional British values. .

Labor peer Lord Andrew Adonis


Bath Chronicle)

“So we warn Conservative MPs: stand up for what your constituents believe in or make sure we let them know you let them down.” “Boris Johnson’s Brexit is already causing empty shelves, empty pumps and empty pockets.

He knows this Brexit isn’t working, but his desperation to secure a trade deal at any cost is costing him the blue wall.

“The UK public is clear: support UK farmers, get chlorine out of our food and stop lowering standards. “

Although the two upcoming by-election seats of North Shropshire and Old Bexley and Sidcup are not on the list, the two tests of the ballot boxes will be a headache for Mr Johnson as the ruling party falls behind .

Northerners are also calling for a betrayal from the government over the integrated rail plan, which is £ 90bn less than originally charged.

The list includes six constituencies held by the Scottish Tories, including Scottish Secretary Alister Jack’s Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross’ Moray.

Ten constituencies are listed as “high priority”. They are Anthony Browne’s South Cambridgeshire, Derek Thomas ‘St Ives, Justice Secretary Dominic Raab’s Esher and Walton, Ruth Edwards’ Rushcliffe, Simon Baynes ‘Clwyd South, Secretary of State for Wales’ Simon Hart’s Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, Siobhan Baillie’s Stroud, James Davies’ Vale of Clwyd, former Conservative leadership contender Jeremy Hunt’s South West Surrey and Health Minister Maria Caulfield’s Lewes

A spokesperson for DIT said: “We will not compromise our high standards of animal welfare and food safety in any trade agreement, nor will we allow any imports that do not meet these high standards. “

The complete list of the 44 Conservative seats

1 Alister Jack – Dumfries and Galloway

2 Alun Cairns – Vale of Glamorgan

3 Andrew Bowie – West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine

4 Anne-Marie Trevelyan – Berwick upon Tweed

5 Anthony Browne – South Cambridgeshire * high priority

6 Cherilyn Mackrory – Truro and Falmouth

7 Craig Williams – Montgomeryshire

A close up of the key showing successful Conservative MPs


Daily Mirror)

8 David Davies – Monmouth

9 David Duguid – Banff and Buchan

10 David Johnston – Wantage

11 David Jones – Clwyd West

12 David Mundell – Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale

13 Derek Thomas – St Ives * high priority

14 Dominic Raab – Esher and Walton * high priority

15 Douglas Ross – Moray

16 Duncan Baker – North Norfolk

17 Fay Jones – Brecon and Radnorshire

18 Gagan Mohindra – South West Hertfordshire

19 Geoffrey Clifton-Brown – The Cotswolds

20 Greg Clark – Tunbridge Well

21 Greg Smith – Buckingham

22 Guy Opperman – Hexham

23 Jacob Rees-Mogg – North East Somerset

24 James Davies – Vale of Clwyd * high priority

25 James Gray – North Wiltshire

26 Jeremy Hunt – South West Surrey * High Priority

27 Jeremy Quin – Horsham

28 Jerome Mayhew – Broadland

29 John Howell – Henley

30 John Lamont – Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk

31 John Penrose – Weston-Super-Mare

32 Julian Sturdy – Outside York

33 Liam Fox – North Somerset

34 Lucy Frazer – South East Cambridgeshire

35 Maria Caulfield – Lewes * high priority

36 Philip Dunne – Ludlow

37 Richard Bacon – South Norfolk

38 Robert Courts – Witney

39 Ruth Edwards – Rushcliffe * high priority

40 Simon Baynes – Clwyd Sud * high priority

41 Simon Hart – Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire * high priority

42 Siobhan Baillie – Stroud * High Priority

43 Tim Loughton – East Worthing and Shoreham

44 Victoria Prentis – Banbury

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