ESPN’s “College GameDay” Predictions: “Alabama Shows Up In Bad Mood;” Auburn ‘is burning’

Lee Corso was not present on Saturday when ESPN’s “College GameDay” traveled to Clemson.

That didn’t stop the guys from making their weekly picks with celebrity pick and former Clemson star Christian Wilkins joining the panel.

He explained why Clemson faithful show disdain when Alabama is mentioned. The Crew picked Alabama’s game with Arkansas.

“We Clemson people have a love-hate relationship with Alabama,” Wilkins, now with the Dolphins, said Saturday. “I hate them because they’re the only reason I don’t have four national championship rings, but I got two. Nick Saban is a legendary trainer. It will actually be a close game, I think. Like you said, I don’t think Arkansas will be able to hang out with them late.

Desmond Howard appoints a player who will make the difference in the game.

“Alabama’s slow start, but I think Arkansas quarterback KJ Jefferson will make a critical mistake in the second half,” Howard said. “The Alabama defense is going to capitalize. I’m going Bama. Rolling tide!”

Pat McAfee turns to Alabama to put a narrative to rest for good.

“With what happened with Arkansas last week, Alabama next week is tough,” he said of Arkansas’ loss to Texas A&M a week ago. “A 98-yard fumble recovered at home. A kicker kicking the ball from the top of the upright. Absolute crush on the Hogs last week. Now Alabama is putting all that, “we suck on the road” to bed today. I really like Alabama today.

The preparation and memories from last year’s game will prepare the Tide for the Razorbacks, Herbstreit said.

“KJ Jefferson threw for 326 last year against a Nick Saban defense,” he said. “It’s been a tough week of practice setting up the Alabama defense. I think they show up in a bad mood. Maybe shut down early, but Bama and Bryce Young win.

Meanwhile, Auburn hosts LSU, and Wilkins — as a Clemson guy — was the only person picking Bryan Harsin’s teams.

“I love Auburn in the game,” Wilkins said, adding that the game features junior college Tigers, noting that Clemson is the real Tigers. “Don’t go with LSU because it’s the real valley of death.

McAfee emphasized culture and Auburn currently has none.

“This place is burning right now,” he explained. “LSU seems to get it. So give me (LSU coach) Brian Kelly and the dogs with LSU.

Herbstreit and Howard agreed.

Auburn is down to just their third quarterback,” Herbstreit said. “They can’t run the ball with Tank Bigsby. I choose LSU comfortably.

Desmond added: “I tell you what. With all the issues there with Auburn and Bryan Harsin, I don’t even see how he can field a competitive team, but he does every week. I just think LSU will be too much for Auburn.

Here are this week’s picks:

Navy-Air Force

  • Howard: Air Force
  • Wilkins: navy blue
  • McAfee: Air Force
  • Herbstreit: Air Force


  • Howard: Michigan
  • Wilkins: Michigan
  • McAfee: Iowa
  • Herbstreit: Michigan

Miss Kentucky-Ole

  • Howard: Ole Miss
  • Wilkins: Ole Miss
  • McAfee: Kentucky
  • Herbstreit: Kentucky


  • Howard: Alabama
  • Wilkins: Alabama
  • McAfee: Alabama
  • Herbstreit: Alabama


  • Howard: LSU
  • Wilkins: Auburn
  • McAfee: LSU
  • Herbstreit: LSU

Oregon-Utah State

  • Howard: Utah
  • Wilkins: Utah
  • McAfee: State of Oregon
  • Herbstreit: Utah

Iowa-Kansas State

  • Howard: State of Iowa
  • Wilkins: Kansas
  • McAfee: Kansas
  • Herbstreit: Kansas

Texas Tech-Kansas State

  • Howard: Texas Tech
  • Wilkins: Kansas State
  • McAfee: State of Kansas
  • Herbstreit: State of Kansas

Oklahoma-Baylor State

  • Howard: Baylor
  • Wilkins: Oklahoma State
  • McAfee: Baylor
  • Herbstreit: Baylor

Wake Forest-Florida State

  • Howard: State of Florida
  • Wilkins: Wake Forest
  • McAfee: State of Florida
  • Herbstreit: State of Florida

Clemson-NC State

  • Howard: Clemson
  • Wilkins: Clemson
  • McAfee: NC Status
  • Herbstreit: No choice

Mark Heim is a sports reporter for The Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @Mark_Heim.

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