Dog is shot after injuring woman in Egg Harbor Township

Sad news all around Egg Harbor Township this weekend.

Police must have made what was, surely, a very difficult call involving the safety of an EHT woman after she allegedly suffered multiple injuries after being attacked by a dog who accidentally escaped.

Police had to shoot the dog at large in a development in Egg Harbor Township, according to The dog owner says the whole incident turned out the way it happened due to the fact that when she and a family friend chased the dog, the friend tried to chase the dog. to catch. The owner explained by explaining that the dog was reacting as he had instinctively because he really didn’t know the friend very well.

When the friend fell while trying to chase the dog away, the police attempted to intervene to make sure she was okay, and that’s when the dog allegedly reacted aggressively to the dog. officer who ended up firing two shots at the Akita. Obviously, the goal is never to hurt anyone or anything, but the whole situation is just plain unhappy no matter how you try to cut it off.

Fortunately, the dog is not dead. He is currently being treated for the injuries and will see a surgeon this week. The friend who was attacked reportedly suffered a few bruises in addition to the previously mentioned concussion.

Pet owners know very well how scary it is when the dog escapes from the yard. Usually the situation does not escalate to the point where the police must be called. Hopefully everyone involved has a smooth recovery and can return to normal life as soon as possible. Find out more details HERE.


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