Covid-19: Manly’s fight to keep businesses open during pandemic | Review of northern beaches

WHEN the tourists went missing, Charlotte Rimmer of Manly Business Chamber blazed a trail to help those affected, she told reporter Nadine Morton.

“My first permanent job was to work at Chanel in London which was an amazing job. I went there as a temporary receptionist and then worked as a permanent receptionist. I was 21 years old. been focused on my career.

When I was hiking I worked in Singapore serving beers. I was supposed to go there for six months and I was there for 14 months, I just loved hiking.

I have certainly worked in retail. I worked in a swimwear store in Wales for oversize women when I was 17, it was a really good learning point.

I am the fifth in a family of six children. My family is across the world and I think this has helped shape who I am now because when you are the fifth youngest you have to learn to speak loudly to be heard.

Why did I say yes to the presidency of the Manly Business Chamber? Well 2020 was the year I said yes, so that was part of it.

When the opportunity presented itself and the team spoke to me, I just thought “actually I have the skills to help people”. I’ve always wanted to give back somehow, maybe it’s my time, and I had to say yes because it was my year to say yes.

Plus, I actually think the company I have, MD Aide, where I guide and lead people for strategic growth and strategic planning to make sure they have strong and stable businesses, has been extremely helpful in my role as chairman. I am a business consultant and I work with companies to create independent and intelligent infrastructures to empower managers.

In fact, I don’t think anyone realized how much of a tourist town we are. [in Manly], I think it was a very good learning.

Thinking about sustainability and longevity of business, when you recognize that you are closing international borders, you almost immediately close a large part of the business in Manly. It was devastating.

Perhaps the hardest part is recognizing that there is actually very little we can do today other than being a voice. I’m a bit of the type to get your hands dirty, I like to come in and help businesses, be constructive and find solutions. In fact, there isn’t much you can do in the short term other than being really strong, defending, and trying to figure out how you can help people in the longer term.

I think it was real recognition for me because you can’t turn around and turn on the tap of a bank account, or encourage more people to come in, or suddenly open the borders. You have to be like ‘OK, strategically, how can we help people in the long run’.

My family is across the world and I think this has helped shape who I am now because when you are the fifth youngest you have to learn to speak loudly to be heard.

Charlotte rimmer

Mental health is a major problem. We can offer, recommend, and offer opportunities for programs, which we do constantly in our newsletters, but you can’t ask someone who is really busy trying to run a business, and maybe doing it. homeschooling and worried about the future, to insist that they attend another class to help themselves. There must be a little self-help in there.

Over the next 12 months, I will focus on a safe summer. We have a great environment to be able to offer tourism and for people to go out and have a little fun during the summer. They can shop outside, they don’t have to be inside, under blanket. Showing Manly in the summer will help the economy, which will help people feel bright and happy, it will help with mental health.

One of the biggest kickers was this lockdown we had over Christmas. During those three weeks, some businesses would normally generate up to 70 percent of their revenue for the year. This year, I wish to have a good, solid summer, which will give people a good, solid year next year, give them a little confidence.

Also, I want The Corso to be full again, we have 200% less vacancy in The Corso since pre-Covid. We actually have some really great new people [businesses] coming in, but we want it full and bouncing, that’s where we want it to be again.

When I’m not working out I do yoga or some sort of fitness everyday walking the dog, a mom to two fantastic boys and a wife of a lovely husband and love to socialize with friends. We are in a really lucky, lucky country. I work a lot internationally, I am currently working with India, Singapore, Germany, I have an appointment tomorrow at 6 am with Sao Paulo.

There are a lot of countries going through a very difficult time and I hang up, I can look outside, put on my gear and go for a walk, see the beach. I will jump in the waves. I spent five years at the Freshie Surf Lifesaving Club, my favorite is still the water. “

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