Couple leaves $ 518,000 at CRD animal shelter to honor relationship with cat

The Capital Regional District (CRD) Animal Shelter received a generous bequest of more than half a million dollars from a couple who wanted to honor their relationship with their cat.

In a press release, the CRD said the estate of Francis Gordon Ainsworth bequeathed $ 518,000 to the animal shelter.

“Mr. Ainsworth and his partner, Mr. Carter, who predeceased him, made an annual donation to the CRD Animal Shelter in order to honor their relationship with their beloved pet who provided so much comfort and joy.Whiskey the cat, ”the press release read.

Ainsworth and Carter learned about CRD’s work at a community outreach event where the animal shelter was promoting their work.

“Inspired by the staff’s passion for animal welfare, they have become annual donors and have been delighted to be able to help provide new beds for dogs, cache boxes and perches for cats, and d ” help finance the management of extreme medical cases. “

This is a welcome donation for a shelter that does so much good work.

The CRD Animal Shelter is located along Pat Bay Road and provides temporary shelter for lost animals and operates an adoption program for stray, lost, abandoned or injured animals.

The CRD is home to dogs, cats and cattlelike chickens, roosters or quail-and small creatures like hamsters, rats, gerbils, birds and snakes.

Currently, animal shelter staff are developing awareness programs to help reunite animals with their owners.

Animals brought to the shelter are often scanned for a microchip or tattoo.

In 2020, only 60% of animals found lost were claimed by their owners with nearly 200 animals in need of medical care and new homes.

The CRD refuge will vaccinate and microchip, as well as sterilize and sterilize, any unclaimed animal before being placed for adoption.

The CRD says it has provided emergency medical care, including spaying and neutering more than 400 found animals, with more than $ 150,000 in veterinary spending over the past four years.

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