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Oh, hello, I didn’t see you come in!

What do I do ? Oh, I was just working on Les Armées. You know the one. It’s a tale as old as time.

A boy meets a girl.

The boy loves the girl.

The boy gets a power play.

The boy is doing terribly on the power play.

The boy gets repeated power plays.

Boy keeps trying the same thing every game for reasons we can’t quite explain.

At one point, Alex Chiasson shows up to crash onto the boy’s couch and no one knows why, but he never leaves.

A drunken boy calls Newell Brown begging him to come back.

The boy has to listen to Jason King telling him to go do Sedin-type things.

The boy puts on crash test dummies and spaces out for a while.

The boy wonders if maybe he should have become an orthodontist like mom always wanted.

The boy loses the game.

The boy loses the girl.

The boy gives a rousing speech about sticking to the system and how things will eventually work out.

Anyway, you’ve all heard this one before, let’s dive into The Armies, okay?

Best Maneuver From Behind

The Canucks must discover the energy drink regiment François St-Laurent (five Red Bulls, minimum) because they must find a way to start games with energy.

I am confident to suggest that “playing a solid game on the road” at home is generally not suitable for the home crowd. It’s like showing up on a first date and not saying a word all through dinner so you can “minimize your mistakes.” Sometimes you just have to go.

And look, we all loved it

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