Another dog owner comes forward on allegations of dog abuse in Lena

LENA, La. (KALB) – It’s been just under a week since videos of Lena’s Cypress Arrow Kennel and K9 Academy went viral showing allegations of dog abuse. As the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate this alleged abuse, another dog owner steps forward.

Carmen Cloute and her husband, Jared, sent their Cane Corso, Fenixx, to Cypress Arrow for advanced training on July 15. While their dog was still at Lena, the couple said they received video of Fenixx being hit with an object multiple times. .

The video showed two people on opposite sides of Fenixx pulling her with leashes while one of them continuously hit the dog with an object. Carmen described what it was like to see this video for the first time and her first contact with Tina Frey, the owner of Cypress Arrow, afterwards.

“When I opened that email and that video, my blood ran cold,” Carmen said. “We called Tina. I said ‘Tina, what is it’ and she said ‘oh, it’s correction training.’ We gave Cypress Arrow permission to make corrections to any behavior she exhibited. We would never have accepted this method. What’s going through my head is why if she’s a professional didn’t she say ‘hey Mr. and Mrs. Cloute, I’m going to use this method. This is going to sound controversial. Do I have your permission? We would never have said yes to that.

After seeing the video, the couple then set off from Texas to pick up Fenixx early after practice at Cypress Arrow. Frey was there when the Studs found their dog, and here’s what they said she mentioned about the video:

“She told me something they didn’t show me the start and end, all they show is this little snippet. For a split second I was like okay , I see what she’s saying. But at the same time, it’s like Tina, you have to understand, in our eyes, we are the parents of the dog and that looks pretty good.”

The Cloutes shared that they didn’t see any visible marks or marks on their dog when they picked her up from Lena, but are taking Fenixx to a vet for a full checkup. They said they made a statement to authorities about the video of Fenixx at the academy.

RPSO said it is continuing to investigate and said no arrests have been made and no animals have been removed from the facility by authorities.

Since being made aware of the allegations last Thursday, we have made several attempts to contact Cypress Arrow Kennel and K9 Academy, as well as Tina Frey, but have yet to hear back.

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