Animal shelter shares hilarious and truthful article about 110-pound ‘Hot Mess’ dog

A large dog with an underbite problem and a slight odor has won hearts on the internet thanks to a sweet but honest message from a North Carolina animal shelter.

“Billy Bob – 110#, tongue drags way too much, terrible car driver, entirely too food driven and will accidentally mistake your arm for a cheeseburger, kinda smells and loves everyone he’s ever met”, Burke County Animal Services posted Wednesday on Facebook. “Somebody embrace this hot mess! We promise you won’t regret it!”

Billy Bob sits in a van with Officer Lyn Campbell.

Officer William Brown/Burke County Animal Enforcement

The post, which also clarifies that Billy Bob is a mastiff, includes two winning photos of Billy Bob.

The large dog, who is actually “a little thin” for his body, was found wandering around a farm in the rain earlier this month, Burke County Animal Services Director Kaitlin Settlemyre told the Charlotte Observer.

She added that since he was at the shelter, staff had “discovered he was a giant baby who was unaware of his large size”.

Billy Bob has been described as a "giant baby."
Billy Bob has been described as a “giant baby”.

Burke County Animal Services

The post sparked hundreds of likes and shares and an influx of interest in Billy Bob. He is currently staying with a local family for a pre-adoption trial to make sure he is the right fit, and “all is well,” Settlemyre told HuffPost in an email.

But for all you other new Billy Bob fans, there are plenty of other ways to help dogs like him.

“I love that Billy Bob is getting a lot of attention, but I’d like the nation to know that our national animal shelters are going through a serious crisis, and I’m sure there’s a Billy Bob around. ‘them!” said Settlemyre. “Speak to your shelters and relief workers and see what you can do to support their efforts during this time.”

She added that in Billy Bob’s absence, Burke County Animal Services is still collecting donations to help his other “hot messes” and buy new tables and chairs “because Billy ate ours.”

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