All That Jazz: This year’s Jazz Cat Ball honors Scott “Reg” Sign up for years of working with GBHS

Jazz Cat Ball winner Scott Register, center, with Auxiliary Council members left to right: Tricia Preston, Allison Black Cornelius (GBHS CEO), Toni Seales, Scott Register, Donna O’Brien, Julie Clemons, Celeste David and Jocelyn Bradley Palmer. Board members not represented: Robert Alden, Margaret Ellis, Missy Ellis, Sharyn Gaston, Ramona Graffeo, Donna Hightower, Sharon Jackson, Christy King, Cele and Allen Montgomery, Susan Norman, Melanie Perry and Sara Sciara.

By Ally Morrison

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society will host the 11th annual Jazz Cat Ball on April 30 in the Ballroom of the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel.

Scott Register, radio personality and former GBHS board member, is this year’s winner. Register, better known as “Reg”, said he was delighted and honored to be chosen as this year’s winner.

“If I can help them raise funds and continue to give a voice to the voiceless, it is a pleasure and an honor for me,” Register said.

Prior to working as host of The Morning Blend with Reg & Will with Reg’s Coffee House for Birmingham Mountain Radio, Register worked in Marketing and Advertising in Birmingham.

He was recommended for a seat on the board of directors of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, where he continued to serve for approximately 12 years. Register has fallen in love with GBHS and takes its mission to heart.

“It was a natural fit for me. I am a big animal lover and their mission is important which makes the community a better place to live, ”said Register.

Register has attended several Jazz Cat events and was even crowned King of Jazz Cat Ball a few years ago.

“The Jazz Cat Ball is a huge fundraising event for the humanitarian society, it takes a lot of money to do what they do on a daily basis.” Sign said. “It’s not just about pets, it’s about people as well. The Jazz Cat Ball is a great opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate their mission. I always leave with a smile on my face.

Register is celebrating 25 years of Reg’s Coffee House this month. When not working for radio, he also works for Think Indie Distribution, a distribution company that sells vinyls, CDs, and merchandise to record stores around the world.

“Somehow my hobby became my job 25 years ago and continues to be today, where I have the chance to do it in Birmingham,” said Register .

Register was born and raised in the Birmingham area, having grown up in Vestavia Hills, where he still lives with his wife, Dr Shae Hicks Register, a veterinarian, and their four children.

The Humanitarian Society was founded by Dr John Herbert Phillips in 1883, at the same time he founded the Birmingham School System and the Public Library System. Its mission is to promote the humane treatment of humans and animals.

The Jazz Cat Ball is one of the nation’s largest animal welfare fundraisers, featuring a casino, live music, and freebies. This year’s live music will be performed by The Big Beyond. It was originally scheduled for February 5, but this was changed to April 30 due to the recent increase in COVID cases.

Proceeds from the event are used to fund the operations of GBHS, which, in addition to the shelter, sponsors school-based education courses, conducts cruelty investigations, has one of the largest response units in disaster event in the South East and sponsors an externship program, which provides surgical education and training for fourth-year veterinary students at the faculties of veterinary medicine at Auburn University and Tuskegee University GBHS Executive Director Allison Black Cornelius said in a statement.

“We usually raise over $ 600,000, but the hope for this year is $ 1 million,” she said.

“The proceeds from the Jazz Cat Ball go to our annual budget as we run many school-based education classes, cruelty investigations and we are one of the largest disaster response units in the world. South East. GBHS Executive Director Allison Black Cornelius said. “We usually raise over $ 600,000, but the hope for this year is $ 1 million.”

The event will also fund the GBHS Clerkship Program, which provides surgical education and training to fourth-year veterinary students at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University and the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tuskegee.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society plans to build a new campus on Lakeshore Parkway in 2022.

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