Alabama vs. Texas, Florida vs. Kentucky lead College GameDay Week 2 predictions

“If Texas is going to have a chance, we need Bijan (Robinson) to be sensational,” Pollack said. “Look, he’s the best running backs in the country. He might not have the best offensive line, but he’s the best. He can make you miss. He can get through you, he can get around you. He erase guys angles Alabama is really, really good and they have great players but this guy’s number 1 priority is to stop Texas loves BBQ they love their chest but they’re going to be absolutely smoked today.

“Bijan will be introduced to Will Anderson, the best defensive player in college football,” Howard said. “He’s the No. 1 priority for this Texas (offensive line). He’s an incredible player. I think the Texas defense will be up for the challenge and I think it should be a competitive game. I won Alabama that game. Too much Bryce Young.”

“There are a number of things but the biggest thing is that they have to take advantage of that crowd and play at home and I think their defense is going to have to play with their hair on fire and be able to try and put Bryce Young in some very difficult situations to execute,” Herbstreit said. “Remember, Bryce is more than capable, but it’s the people around him that bring in a lot of new people. Let’s see how they handle the adversity of being on the road. And then obviously the most important thing for me, since Bryce Young is going to have his, is Quinn ewers and Bijan Robinson and Texas point guards.

“Can they move the ball? Can the guys on the line of scrimmage give them the opportunity to be able to score points on the board because really at the end of the day when you play Bama when you don’t ‘m not used to playing Bama, it’s the line of scrimmage that usually makes the difference. You have to look Alabama straight in the eye, too much ability for Alabama. I like Bama.

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