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ABILENE, Texas (KTAB / KRBC) – During the month of August, Abilene Animal Services saw 245 cats and over 300 dogs enter the shelter with few adoptions.

Now, the City of Abilene Animal Services are asking for help from the community to save lives, as animals that are adopted or recovered are replaced with new stray animals that arrive.

After another visit to a local animal shelter, Abilene resident Calista Worswick says her family gave her a nickname.

“They call me the Mad Cat Lady because I now have three,” Worswick said. “We went in and held a few, but this little guy was brought home. They are super wonderful here, really helped us out and gave us our new furry love.

It’s people like Worswick that Abilene Animal Services says they desperately need now after a long Labor Day weekend pushed them to full capacity.

Animal Services Director Justin Lelesch said during the pandemic they saw a 10% increase in the number of dogs and cats coming to the shelter.

“About 73% of cats and 70% of dogs arrive stray without identification. It makes it really difficult for us to network. We have to keep these animals for the period of detention required by the state, and then try to network them as they arrive, ”said Lelesch.

That detention period is at least three days for the Lone Star State, but Lelesch says even an adoption can even make three times the difference.

“With each adoption or recovery, you don’t just save one animal you bring home, you save several,” Lelesch says.

And that’s exactly what Worswick did here in Key City.

“You can never go wrong with cats and dogs, I mean animals are love, they are friendly and they will always be by your side no matter what,” Worswick said.

As of Tuesday, the City of Abilene Animal Services waived all adoption and recovery fees, hoping to make more room for any additional animals that enter.

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