10 Physically Tall Video Game Characters Who Are Surprisingly Sweet

Often, if a video game character is tall, it is that way for a reason. In a form of visual foreshortening, a large figure, especially if well-muscled, is a sign of danger or combat potential. However, some games flip this, either deliberately for comedy or just accidentally as part of a character design.

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Many video game characters are tall and intimidating, but are actually friendly, kind, or even downright pacifist. Although some gentle giants can defend themselves and be effective fighters, they do not attempt to fight and they are not brutal in nature.

ten Jorge is a truly compassionate Spartan (Halo: Reach)

In Halo Lore, the training the Spartans undergo leaves them with extremely limited social functioning, making them difficult to establish with anyone who isn’t in the military themselves. One character who avoids this is Jorge, the only Spartan-II on Team Noble in Halo: scope.

Compared to his violent, direct or withdrawn colleagues, Jorge is a friendly, warm and quietly kind man. Although he is a perfectly capable fighter, fighting with a hand-held minigun, he is the only member of the team to deliberately comfort traumatized civilians caught in war zones, and acts as a peacemaker and stable presence for the crew.

9 Snorlax is not awake enough to be aggressive (Pokémon)

Size has less meaning in Pokemon than in many other game series. The titular creatures are dangerous and capable fighters in almost any size. Snorlax is by no means a weak Pokémon. He’s known in gameplay and lore for being physically strong and durable, but he’s also one of the most docile in the franchise.

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One of Snorlax’s most notable traits is his extreme drowsiness, often in a drowsy state. It is so peaceful when half-awake or asleep that one of the species’ notable behaviors is letting small children and Pokémon bounce on its belly, which would anger many other species.

8 Iron golems are protectors that give flowers (Minecraft)

Most creatures in the world of Minecraft are hostile, with zombies, skeletons, and vines dotting the world to threaten players. However, one of the most powerful creatures in the game is neutral by default to the player and other mobs, acting instead as guardians of villages.

The main role of the Iron Golem is to protect NPC villagers. So when the player or another creature attacks one, it becomes hostile and fights fiercely. However, when not made aggressive, he is content to roam the village and watch over its inhabitants, even offering flowers as a sign of appreciation.

seven Jörmungandr is lonelier than anything else (God of War)

2018 God of the war reinterprets parts of Norse mythology, including taking a softer stance on the Jotnar and a harder take on the Aesir. One of the game’s most prominent giants is Jörmungandr, the infamous World Serpent and Thor’s nemesis.

There’s no understating Jormungandr’s size, being big enough to wrap the world in his coils. In the context of the story, however, he turns out to be a perfectly friendly creature. Although he has an understandable anger towards the Aesir and is happy to join the final battle, for much of the game Jörmungandr is a peaceful and watchful companion, just happy to have someone to talk to.

6 The Giant Blacksmith is a rare friendly face in Lordran (Dark Souls)

dark souls has one of the most hostile worlds in all of gaming. Almost all creatures seek to kill the player, and the larger ones usually pose the greatest threats. Giants are a rare enemy in Lordran, but very present. Rarer still, however, is a friendly example of their kind, found at Anor Londo.

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The Giant Blacksmith is a hulking, hulking figure who is happy to tend to the smithing of weapons and armor. As with other blacksmiths in the game, he is a friendly creature who will only fight back if attacked, and he is even looked upon affectionately by other NPCs throughout the series.

5 Mordecai is the friendliest Laguz in the series (Fire Emblem)

fire emblem has a lot of great characters, some sweet and some vicious, but one of the greatest is also one of the nicest. Mordecai appears in shard path and radiant dawn as one of the shapeshifting Laguz who joins the player’s party, transforming into a massive tiger in battle.

Despite his power and bulk, Mordecai is one of the most likable characters in the entire series, not just in the Tellius games. He is eager to befriend anyone despite his combat prowess, even being largely immune to the cross-species bias that plagues most characters in the saga.

4 The Thirteenth Colossus Will Never Attack Wander (Shadow Of The Colossus)

Point of The shadow of the colossus is that, despite their frightening appearances, colossi are natural creatures that are no more monstrous than normal animals. The one that really hammers the point is the Thirteenth Colossus, a huge serpent-like being found in the desert.

Most colossi in the game will attack Wander on sight, and others will retaliate when attacked. The Thirteenth Colossus, however, is entirely pacifist. Even when Wander starts climbing on his form and stabbing his weak spots, he doesn’t attack him. The gentleness of the huge serpent – by far the largest colossus – clearly shows what an evil act it is to kill them.

3 Zaalbar is sweet even for a Wookiee (Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic)

wookies in star wars tend to be surprisingly gentle as a breed, despite being two meters tall and incredibly strong. Although Wookiees are extremely capable in battle, they tend to be a species that refrains from any conquest or warmongering, with many heroic and pleasant Wookiees encountered throughout the franchise.

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One of the sweetest is Zaalbar de Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. A combat monster, Zaalbar is nevertheless a shy and quiet creature, even being described as a “fat wimp” by his friend Mission. The player can change this during a game of Dark Side, but by default Zaalbar is not a cruel or aggressive being.

2 Charr is a Krogan who springs from poetry (Mass Effect 2)

The Krogan race is one of the strongest and hardiest in the world. Mass Effect galaxy, carrying the stereotype of all being ruthless mercenaries or jaded soldiers. Characters talk about Krogan who don’t fit into these categories, but the player doesn’t encounter any until they encounter Charr in Mass Effect 2.

Charr is a great krogan, and although he fights in the Aralakh Company, the focus of Charr’s side quest is his attempt to win over his romantic partner, Ereba, with poetry. His side quest is one of the most beloved in the game for the appearance of a sensitive and emotionally vulnerable Krogan, who only wants to mend his relationship.

1 Asgore doesn’t want to go through his own vendetta (Undertale)

A major point of Subtitle is that the monsters of the Underground are themselves three-dimensional and varied people, not universally dangerous or horrifying beings. This even extends to one of the game’s main antagonists, King Asgore Dreemurr. He hunts Frisk for his human soul and has killed other human children to continue his war against humans.

When the player encounters Asgore, however, he is a very different character than they might expect. He is a keen gardener who likes to help his monster subjects and really doesn’t want to kill Frisk. This extends to Asgore’s fight, which drags on because he’s reluctant to keep the warrior promise he made years ago. Asgore came to sincerely regret his promise to kill humans.

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